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“Cyberbullying is using technology to deliberately and repeatedly bully someone. It can happen to anyone, anytime, anywhere and can leave you feeling unsafe and alone.” Australian Government (n.d)


As students are increasingly becoming immersed with time spent on the internet, cyberbullying becomes an issue that must to be addressed. It must be dealt with in order to keep all children safe and out of possible harm and/or harmful thoughts .
This insightful video below has been produced by ABC’s ‘Compass’ documentary show. It follows two school programs that are helping students recognise and deal with cyberbullying by focusing on the role bystanders can play in shutting it down.
Please watch this video!

This documentary explains that:

-cyber bullying follows you all day and all night and there is now place you can run from it
-It grows so quickly and has much bigger effects than those bullying instances that happen on a face-to-face basis
-The bullied person thinks that everyone is against them
-Bystanders who step in can make all the difference if they address the issue or stand up for the person being bullied
-approach to address bullying with students is through effective workshops at school
-‘Back-me-up’ campaign is a resort cyberbullied students can go to for help
-One in ten Australia students report being cyber bullied
and if nothing is done and they don’t feel support, it can lead to tragic circumstances

cuber bullying

Please follow this twitter link to watch Michael Fey speak on TED about cyberbulling and to get useful information on ‘Intel’s ‘ twitter feed about cyberbullying in the digital age.

Also, please make sure you have watched the compass video above and shared it with others! It could save a life.


Australian Government (n.d): Cyberbullying Stand up and speak out! Retrieved from

Doogue, G. (speaker), Boerne, D. (story producer), Cameron, J. (story researcher), & Prince, J. (story producer). (2013). Beating cyberbullying. Australia: ABC, Compass. Retrieved from

cyber bullying


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