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Mobile learning is evidently becoming more and more integrating in Australian classrooms. Wylie suggests that mobile learning is a revolutionary way in learning, and I agree! It is an exciting opportunity for educators to utilise this tool in education to create better understandings across a broad range of syllabus outcomes. There can be so much achieved with e-learning if it is used in the right way. Wylie recommends that educators need to be properly trained on how to use these diverse technologies and gadgets in order to keep up with the rapid advances with them and be able to support and instruct the use of such devices in the classroom on a regular basis.

E-learning is essential in the 21st century in the classroom. The main points taken from the youtube video ‘The future starts now’ in favour of e-learning are as follows:
-Utilise students interests in ICT to create a knowledge based society for the future
-Learning advanced concepts become easier to understand
-Visually simulated and animated concepts creates learning more fun and knowledge is gained through student engagement
-Inspires our students to learn, knowing all the information is in front of us , only a few clicks away
-Increased use in training for teachers to improve usage of ICT in classrooms to improve learning, motivation and results
-Giving kids access to these technologies as teachers
as it is a reality of 21st century life skills for children

Here is an online game showing how e-learning is an excellent tool  to help children in the 21st century learn and understand complex concepts!

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Wylie, J. Mobile learning technologies for 21st century classrooms., : The Education Technology Blog

The future starts now., Published on Sep 12, 2012
The Norwegian Centre for ICT in Education


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